Learn Japanese in 30 minutes

Mobex 2017

This is actually old.

Mobex 2016 organised Masterclasses to teach you Japanese in 30 minutes. This year, they promise to help you build a robot in the same time.

Mobile and ICT Expo will bring together captains of the industry as well as avid lovers of technology from all over Africa to a 2 day fair at the heart of Accra. This year’s event is slated for 16th – 17th October 2017 at the Kempinski Hotel. MOBEX 2017 promises to continue in its yearly festival of innovations with seminars on technological breakthroughs as well as product and app launches from selected creators.

3D printing is going to big at this year’s event, Alain Gbeasor, COO of MOBEX, promised while speaking to Philip Ashon on #CitiTrends. “We are going to show you how to [3D] print to look like your skin.” There will be an exhibition of drone technology that allows the drones to move with the user. It is now possible to make the drone detect your motion and positioning so that it stops when you stop and moves when you do, making it a big deal for video bloggers and YouTubers.

The highlight of Mobex 2017 will be the Virtual Reality segment. “You will be able to see Paga while standing at the Kempinski Hotel in Accra,” to paraphrase organisers of the event. What’s clever about this technology is the ability to create realities within closed, safe spaces for adventure buffs. Who knows what this promises for the tourism sector? An ability to ride a wild elephant while lying down on your bed in Somanya? Go paragliding at Kwahu from the lecture room at UDS Tamale campus? Visit a patient in an obscure location in the country’s hinterlands? Technology goes as far as the mind reaches, and Mobex is taking you there.

If you are a local app developer, Mobex 2017 will organise a Thought Leadership Conference on Startup Innovation on the 16th October between 11:30 and 12:40. The discussion will centre on commercialising local solutions. This is very important if you want to get from being a viral meme to becoming an efficient revenue mobilising local producer.

Day 2 will open with discussions on the ever growing domain of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Bots running on complex algorithms are taking over chat systems all over the digital space. Programmes that are able to predict your online behaviour have been in existence for some time now; whenever you find an ad on Facebook concerning your recent searches outside Facebook, know that some ‘mindless’ robot is stalking you deep in the abyss of the internet verse. Scary, right? Actually, it is big deal for businesses. AI will enable them craft better solutions for your problems.

E-health, education, and agriculture will be the top issues for me on the second day. In view of limited health coverage and the growing concerns around Agric and sustainability efforts, the key to feeding ourselves in Ghana and beyond lies in our ability to fuse usable technology into our best practices. It will help stabilise prices and quality across all levels of the value chain, and also ensure food availability for industry and households.

For lovers of e-sport and other gaming applications, MOBEX 2017 will host a gaming session. There will be a MOBEX eSport Cup up for grabs as well.

Make sure to register for Mobex 2017 now so you don’t get delayed at the entrance come Monday.

One more thing: you will be able to stream your favourite movies at the event. Yes. Free Data! who doesn’t like free data?

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