Anansi in comics and games: Vol 1

Anansi/Ananse is perhaps the foremost legend out of Africa. His mischief and cunning travelled with him across the Atlantic when Africans were enslaved and sent en mass to the new world. Rather than die away though, these strong ancestors maintained the stories within their communities, telling them in different ways and adapting them so they alone understood their meanings. With time, however, Anansi has become more than an embodiment of the undying spirit of Africa in Africans. The world has adopted him in different ways. In this series, I write about some of his depictions in comics.

The Anansi of Wakanda

Long before men, a group of four races inhabited Wakanda. They were Simbi, a serpentine race, the ape-like Vanyan specie, the insectoid called Creeping Doom, and the 8-limb arachnoid Anansi. These four represented the fabled Originators of the Black Panther world.

With time, men finally pilgrimaged to Wakanda and were received peacefully. Just like men were wont to do, however, their abuse of Wakand’s resources led to conflict with the Originators, and only the Gods of Wakands, risen among the heroes of men, would save mankind. The Anansi, together with the other Originators were then banished into the Nether Realms, and have since tried to return and take over what is supposed to be their home. The Anansi use their telepathic powers to attack humans. They are also able to shoot webbing from their mouths that traps their victims.

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