Martin’s Kiss of Life: A GH Game of Thrones Series

game of thrones: Martin Amidu and Beric Dondarrion

Martin’s Kiss of Life is an odyssey of justice from the Hollows to the High Courts.

A GH Game of Thrones series.

Citizen Vigilante has carved for himself a solid space within our hearts for his efforts at fighting corruption. His continuous attack on elements that oppress the citizenry through their misuse of state funds is what every society needs. And, as he has been appointed to the Office of the Special Prosecutor, we are reminded also of his ethereal, eternal twin, Lord Beric Dondarrion of House Blackhaven.

While their backgrounds are seemingly polar opposites, their evolution in the public space shows exciting parallels. From Beric’s unwavering stance on justice even in the face of one as seemingly villainous as Sandor Clegane, to Martin Amidu’s famous fallout with the same party that set him on the justice trail, we are reminded of what pushes men to the fringes. Even more, we realise how one can be on the fringes and still cast a menacing shadow on the heart of the truant politician.

In Martin’s Kiss of Life, I draw parallels between the two characters drawing on their experiences. The features will be under three main headings:

Worlds Apart

Just Rebels

Long Live the Ghost


Ghana’s Game of Thrones (#Ghgot) is an analysis of events and characters in A Song of Ice and Fire and the Ghanaian political scene. Rather than drawing a like-for-like comparison between the characters considered, the features seek to juxtapose events in the characters of the series with similar events on the Ghanaian scene. Thus, it is a typical “4 Game of Thrones Moments on the Ghanaian Political Scene,” or “The 3 times John Mahama was Ned Stark,” kind of analysis. Unless where stated explicitly, the parallels drawn are to be taken at face value. They are in no way an attempt to predict or portray the real political and moral lives of the persons concerned.

This is written without judgement.


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