#GHgot: Long Live the Ghost

Special prosecutor Martin Amidu

Defeat came in various forms. For Martin, it was his dismissal from the powerful position of the AG. In the seven kingdoms, Lord Beric died many times on the job.

Martin Amidu has been practising law almost half his life. Punctuated in his legal career are long moments of serving as prosecutor in the PNDC and the NDC, whether as deputy or as the substantive Minister of Justice. His role as Minister of Interior in the diffusion of tension within the Bawku Township can never be overemphasised.

But it would be while serving as AG that he would famously lose himself. Rumours of his insubordination to the president is rife, but more importantly, he was denied an opportunity to serve a country he would readily die for. If law was his life, his dismissal was an unforgivable murder.

The last time we see Lord Beric Dondarrion in the first book, he has been dispatched, along with a hundred men, to bring the King’s Justice to Gregor Clegane. The Mountain that Rides had been reportedly spreading havoc among households, and so Ned Stark, speaking with the voice of the King, ordered Beric on a holy journey. The Lightning Lord would express his profound honour at such a task later in the series. As it is said, it is in times of extreme need that we sometimes discover ourselves. Lord Beric of House Dondarrion found himself when a spiked ball crashed him to death. He rose a ghost of conscience.

Similarly, Martin Amidu re-discovered himself when he was frustrated by the ideals of the NDC at the time. He felt shackled by his own people, rendered mute in a situation he needed to denounce. He had taken his task as Attorney General to heart.

It is obvious GRR Martin uses death to symbolize a character’s continuous growth and development. With Beric of Blackhaven on a justice odyssey, the author portrays a belief in the ‘Long Arm of the Law.’ For the weak and vulnerable, this brings them hope. For the stubborn and murderous, it is another reminder that the evil they do will follow them to their very ends.

Many worlds away, the reality of our existence is that of establishments short-changing the people they lead. Where these men have proven corrupt, Martin Amidu has founded on his shoulders a beacon of justice. A beacon of hope. A pulsing fire that engulfs the heart of their misdeeds, whether NDC or NPP or PPP. Protect the protected from the protectors.




Ghana’s Game of Thrones (#Ghgot) is an analysis of events and characters in A Song of Ice and Fire and the Ghanaian political scene. Rather than drawing a like-for-like comparison between the characters considered, the features seek to juxtapose events in the characters of the series with similar events on the Ghanaian scene. Thus, it is a typical “4 Game of Thrones Moments on the Ghanaian Political Scene,” or “The 3 times John Mahama was Ned Stark,” kind of analysis. Unless where stated explicitly, the parallels drawn are to be taken at face value. They are in no way an attempt to predict or portray the real political and moral lives of the persons concerned.

This is written without judgement.

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