The Citi FM Sports Panorama guys, Chale!

Nathan, Benjamin, Daniel, Fentuo, CitiFm 97.3

On a Friday night ushering in the weekend, the last thing you want is a boring effort at dissecting the week’s sporting drama. The kind that is nothing but a rehash of what people already know, bogging down the audience with unnecessary interviews and personalities with a warped objective sense. Alas, there are those who get it, like the panel on Citi Fm’s Sports Panorama.

Benjamin and his team have created a sports show that is breathlessly entertaiing. From the opening soundtrack to the beaufitufl anecdotes that litter the 90-minute show, Sports Panorama has created a typical ‘fan zone’ segment that is both dramatic and insightful. The humour-laced show allows for massive engagement, and the eloquent and yet passionate guests remind you of what the world of sports does to grown up men… like Coach Nimely.

Talk of players ‘coming home,’ and Liverpool’s Robertson, and his normally outrageous defence of Jose Mourinho, and you have the perefect case of “When a man loves a woman.” My only worry is that I fear you guys don’t give him enough time to speak on tactics. It gives listeners clues on what to look out for when we watch football. It makes it more fun too, and you can finally see how important players like Mikel and Carrick are to a game where De Bruyne and Hazard get all the plaudits. Just for his sake, I hope Liverpool wins the Champions League. It would be good for his own heart.

And you Ben, the last time I sent you a tweet explaining Baby Jet’s verse on the Enemies track you said my explanation has entered the bush? My guy, your nose like ‘zowey that they have eaten half of it’ okay? Nonsense. I mean, you are a great host; you quench their mics when they start to misbehave on set, and you steer the conversation towards more meaningful discussions. My only beef with you is how you can be so passionate about Liverpool and Real Madrid and not realise you are an ashawo supporter chasing clubs with plenty Champions League trophies. Maybe you should start opening the show with Gold Digger, ehn; every Kanye is a Kanye!

As host, I wish you’d consider incorporating more of the other leagues into the show. I get it that Citi is home to the Bla Bla League but you got the most passionate guy on the set having orgasms whenever you mention Mauro Icardi and you are not feeding his libido. Daniel’s haircut is like a relegation dogfight on a bushy pitch, and I am not even taking a dig at him. Besides Nimely, he is the undisputed king of soundbites. What he said about Mourinho stealing players was hilarious. And his comment on Conte asking for Andy Carrol…no comments.

Fentuo is a great guy. Amazing insights, and an exotic perspective ala Formula 1 vehicle speeding on a pot-holed street in the middle of Bukom. He’s one person whose take I can’t wait to hear. The show overlaps with my 19:20 night prayers, and I have to rush from the mosque just because! One of these days, you have to leave him in the same room with coach to box out their rivalries. I know, there is no time, which brings me to the last guy!

Papa Nii. You, that your beard, are you sure it is not a wig? You think that going to the Traffic Avenue and spitting to Jessica’s instrumentals is what you should be doing ehn? You come on set and can’t stop laughing. And the way you speak: Your pauses. Your cadence, sometimes. And your penchant for trying to come up with tease lines… you think it is rap we are doing? It is nice mmom, but listen, my guy: The fact that you allow this to go on for a meagre 90 minutes is an indictment on your position as head of the Citi Sports Desk. The show should go on for 2hrs at least. Anybody who disagrees “is not couched for the Sports Panorama.” (Spoken in Coach Nimely’s voice.)

Sports Panorama is the only show on radio I actively try to never miss, and I wish you guys continue your very good work every Friday night. Just more time for Coach and for other leagues. Daniel, as for your hair cut dier, I dedicate M.anifest’s Forget Dem video to your haters wai? You get vim, “no doubt abourit!


  1. This is Gold…the feedback is immensely appreciated and we will do our best to make this as listener friendly and educative as possible….keep em coming


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