Harmattan is Coming!

Harmattan is Coming is a 4-part analysis of events surrounding the lives of former president John Mahama and Eddard Stark of Westeros.

What was intriguing about John Mahama was the effect he had on the populace during his tenure in office. While some pointed to his affable, self-confident posturing, there were those who pointed to his lack of authority in stemming corruption. His laxity in punishing wrongdoers, they argued, led to his defeat at the polls. For his loyal fans though, it was the case that he was the victim of toxic surroundings. Powerful, rival elements within his party affected his ability to function properly. The presence of background forces is not lost on the casual observer of events surrounding Ned Stark in not-far-away Westeros.

From their relatively short stays in office, to their roles and attempts in succeeding dead men and the stereotypes of their northern homelands, the two political figure heads seem cast in the same mould. In the face of their ardent fans, their pragmatic efforts, one in ending an incestuous reign, another in transforming the infrastructure of the country, have gone unrewarded. They both wear the Northern face like a mask, a veil so thick it is easily recognized by all southerners.

Harmattan is Coming is a four-part analysis of events in the lives of John Mahama and Eddard Stark. In the upcoming posts, the rise and fall of John Mahama should reveal glimpses of Eddard in stark detail…or not! Harmattan is Coming!

The posts will fall under the following headings:

The Long Harmattan

Flagstaff Keep


The North Remembers



Ghana’s Game of Thrones (#Ghgot) is an analysis of events and characters in A Song of Ice and Fire and the Ghanaian political scene. Rather than drawing a like-for-like comparison between the characters considered, the features seek to juxtapose events in the characters of the series with similar events on the Ghanaian scene. Thus, it is a typical “4 Game of Thrones Moments on the Ghanaian Political Scene,” or “The 3 times John Mahama was Ned Stark,” kind of analysis. Unless where stated explicitly, the parallels drawn are to be taken at face value. They are in no way an attempt to predict or portray the real political and moral lives of the persons concerned.

This is written without judgement.

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