The Chosen: A Rogue Angel Story

The Chosen is Rogue Angel #4 by Alex Archer.

The Chosen is a definite improvement in the adventures of Annja Creed, she who bears the sword of St. Joan of Arc. We still don’t know a lot about her origins, other than she was raised in a Catholic orphanage in New Orleans. Roux and Garin have little to do with the action, but they remain tangential to the story.

Chosen begins with a Japanese tourist family being saved from sudden death in New Mexico by the appearance of Santo Nino, the Holy Child. Soon, tourists from all over the world are visiting the area, hoping for a visitation. But the Holy Child isn’t the only supernatural creature who shows up. Several demonic creatures make the scene too, causing havoc and bloodshed. Of course, Annja Creed just happens to be in the same location on an archaeological dig when all the trouble starts.

Like in each book there was a new character introduced who plays a central role in the instalments plot. This time it was a Jesuit by the name of Father Godin. At first I was distrustful of him and for a while I was sure he was out to get Annja as one of the Catholic Church minions. But he slowly grew on me and I was quite sad to see him go.

I really liked this instalment of the series and hope that the latter sequence has some lasting effect on the preceding novels. It offered enough contrast with the previous. Whilst there is at least one unanswered question, it doesn’t affect my enjoyment of the story itself. I highly recommend this book for anyone that enjoys a touch of the supernatural or monsters with their action adventure.


Words by Umar Mohammed

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