This is Ghana; a FOKN Car Park!

Fokn Bois Broken Languages

Oh, Ama Ghana. Baafira!

It was a funny the conversation following Falz’s cover of Childish Gambino’s This is America song. In his version, This is Nigeria, he tells the same story that Gambino does, the ills of society and the corruption and neglect that have allowed then to fester. Both songs hold a mirror to their respective government with only slight variations; where Falz talks about an inept federal government, Gambino describes life as a black man in America.

But it is not the music or the video that caught my attention. Since the two came out, with the latter even earning a feature on CNN Edition, Ghanaians have been craving for a This is Ghana remix. Many have called on long time social disrupters, the Fokn Bois, to give us another taste of their anti-grain brand of music. They want Wanlov and Mensah to sing a tribute to the suffering Ghanaian, the bad roads, the $89million GVG deal, the Anas videos, and everything in between.

Which is ironic in and of its self. Like I mentioned before, the fact that they are expecting the FOKN Bois to do it means they have come to associate that kind of music with the duo. It means they have been paying attention to their songs and campaigns across the last many years. However, the only problem is that the FOKN Bois didn’t sing in a car park like Gambino did. Like Falz the Bahd Guy did. They want FOKN Bois to do a song that will pass through the filters of Diddi, aka Sean Combs. They have decided to acknowledge and to ignore all that the two have done in favour of something the outside world will approve of.

As a people, we are nauseatingly copy cats. Our inferiority complex is almost without equal. See, there is no denying how much more our entertainment industry has to grow yet. But it takes some special brand of brainwashing to achieve that kind of mentality. I mean, Abraham Atta was declared Ghana’s only celebrity because Bra Elba told him, “Agu, come and be doing this thing for me.” We prefer Chinese bamboo toothpick, tilapia with international passports, and don’t have enough space to grow tomatoes.

And how can you blame us? As Africans, most of our government officials still have to go to the West to have themselves checked. It seems to me to be some kind of blood tax we are still paying to our former masters. You know, every year, come back and pay to our blood bank. Our ancestors who ruled you might not be dead after all. Those vampires are waiting to suck on your blood. Africans know everything about ancestors and tradition, after all. Over a year since the UGMC was commissioned, the over $200 million facility is still idle, gathering costs and dust while people die on our roads. And, did the road minister publish his black list of bad contractors already?

Well, scrap that last paragraph. Every leader is a reflection of their society. If we have bad leaders, it is because we have been bad ourselves. If we want a western version of everything, why should we be surprised that our leaders have holidays abroad while claiming to support domestic tourism? The sad thing is we have reached a stage where we don’t even realise the irony of our situation. It has become second nature to expect the local products to be of lower standards. When a Ghanaian sings of Dumsor, he is probably NPP/NDC. When Kendrick sings of Hieroglyphs, we try to find his African roots, praying his ancestors were stolen from Sogakope.

To all the artists who are being original and not waiting for western validation, continue to live your dream. As for the rest of you, go learn some BRKN LNGWJZ and see what it means to be authentic!

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