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But first, let’s talk about the name.

Anansi is the greatest legend of all time. His stories pervade the lives of millions of peoples across Africa and the Americas. As the undisputed King of Stories, he has helped nurture familial ties that had seemed sundered under the harsh blades of slavery. His survival to this day is testament to his versatility; he is at once a creature of wisdom and of cheap cunning, and of entertainment.

The dragon, on the other hand, is a symbol of mainstream story-telling. It reflects all aspects of literature and film in the modern world, from horrors and thrillers to espionage and drama. The dragon’s mysticism is not lost on its audience, and as an emblem of fantasy, I imagine it to be the heights and boundaries the human mind can transcend.

Do we have dragons in Ghana? Do we have dragons in Africa? Well, I can’t say with certainty that we have fire-breathing serpents in our folklore. But then again, I am not a repository of the genre. What I know is dragons, like all mythical creatures, are borne out of the whims of the Legend of Stories called Anansi.

Reinventing Anansi stories

Anansi and the Dragon is retelling Anansi stories using modern tools of Science Fiction and Fantasy. If you truly love and appreciate Anansi, though, you would know there is more to him than the stories he stars in. Around the world, Anansi is known as the King of Stories.

Therefore, Anansi and the Dragon is a platform for sharing all forms of Ghanaian stories and creativity. From art to reviews of music and film, I intend to create a unique platform for lovers of the Ghanaian genre. It is the corner of the world where I showcase Ghanaian artistry to the world and the world to Ghana. And Ghana is only a small space inside Africa.

Anansi and the Dragon is the blog for African SciFi/Fantasy. It is home to Afrofuturism, Comics, games, videos, and things creative on the continent, starting with Ghana.

Anansi and the Dragon aims to become the cornerstone of Science Fiction and Fantasy in Ghana. I am creating a hub for all things creative with an emphasis on authentic expressions. We might need more comic books in Ghana, but we don’t want a Superman with a Kryptonite!

With this, I hope to contribute to the discussion of pushing Ghanaian creativity beyond the boundaries set by outside and inside factors.

Anansi and the Dragon is Ghana’s creative spark!

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