Mama’s Boy Series

Mama has a heart disease, and 17-yo Aldyn is her sworn protector.  Together, they live in Sharkney, a village at the foot of the Olden Mountains of Empire. The Sharks, as they are called, live on communal farming where each family receives a ration of the yields. They are also surrounded by wild cats with whom they have a special, friendly bond. When a child is born in Sharkney, he is introduced to the animals at an out-dooring ceremony to initiate the first of many peaceful contacts between the new-born and the animals. The village is ruled by a group of elders led by Elder Aeldyn.

Like many of the villages that sit in the forests of Empire’s south, Sharkney has been raided and terrorized frequently by the Vultures, a group of Marauding Clans whose origins are unknown. The Marauding Clans not only maim and kill their victims, but they kidnap women and carry them along to their secret hideouts where they, allegedly, use them in sacrifices. To defend themselves against the marauders, the folk of Sharkney constitute a band of fighters drawn from the various families. Each family is represented by a man, and those that don’t have any man worthy of representing them are left without any form of protection.

The last time the Vultures raided Sharkney, Aldyn’s father was murdered by Azkan, the leader of the marauders. Ever since that event, Aldyn became the protector of his mother and one other girl, Zangi. He travels the length and breath of Empire to do menial jobs in order to subsist what they earn from the farms while seeking out the monster called Azkan. The Thousand-day Journey follows Aldyn in the fulfilment of his dual role of protection and vengeance.


Book One: Luckster (A Game of Life and Mama) 


At the foot of the Olden Mountains wreathed with ancient clouds, a bushy-haired village boy watches as a silver axe rents his father’s life to pieces. Since that night when panic and gore settled on the humble homes of Sharkney, the 7 year old avid climber became his mother’s sole protector, traversing the vast lands of Empire to make a living and find the cure for her ailing heart.

Now, 17, Aldyn has wagered his life for the Heartstone to save his mama, but events bring him face-to-face with his father’s killer in the city of Kestabal. Aldyn’s thirst for vengeance and the twisting knots of fate lead to him being declared a fugitive after escaping a death sentence, and his journey becomes blighted by betrayal and strange visions of a man imprisoned by the mythical monsters called Deryndons.

Struggling for his life in the dark city of Lodim many leagues from home, Aldyn has worries greater than the ten-storey drop of the alchemist’s tower when he hears the Vultures are arming in ways never seen before. If he is to save his mother and the girl he conveniently calls sister, he will have to survive mercenaries and the mythical beasts that ride the high winds.

As the first novella in the Mama’s Boy Series, this fantasy/action adventure short story presents a fictionalised narrative of the true struggles of brave young men and women as they suffer to make a better life for their families.

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Book two: Finding Anansi: 

medWhen Aldyn returns home to find the Vultures have kidnapped his mother, he sets his mind on doing all he can to rescue her. But for years the Marauding Clans have been rumoured to live in unfathomed realms far from Empire, and nobody has ever known where to find them. Not to be discouraged, the boy from Sharkney embarks on a quest to find the mythical son of Anansi who lives in a cave at the far end of the Dead Sea. Anansi’s last descendant is said to possess the knowledge of the world in his Gourd of Wisdom, and with it, Aldyn hopes to locate the raiders who murdered his father and have now taken his mother.
After saving a strange man from death, Aldyn has to overcome a ghost king and his dead army to climb the steep slopes that lead into the cave. Inside, he might find what he seeks… and a wizard looking to unleash the vilest evil into this world. To find his mother though, Mama’s Boy will have to help him reach his goal.

Finding Anansi is a retelling of the events of that led to the creation of the greatest legend of West African folk tale. It weaves identity with sacrifice, and brings out compassion as well as a sense of duty as told from the perspective of the character, Aldyn.

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