Published Works and Stories

Selfie is a short story about four friends, Swade, Notin, Joe Twitter, and Nii, who live in a Zongo community in Ghana. While the setting is fictional, a Zongo, on the whole, is a predominantly Muslim community that exists in different parts of the capital and other locations in the country. What started out as a ‘settlers” haven has grown to become a place with complex peoples whose lifestyles and cultures intertwine to produce a very distinct way of life, in terms of cuisine as well as language.

In Selfie, we are introduced to the four boys as they sit at a corner along the street, a popular setting when one considers the unemployed in most of such communities.

The Golden Child follows Jamal, a young man in search of a cure for the illness that is transforming him into a non-human. It’s one of ten flash Sci-Fi stories illustrated and published by Omenana.

Faithful is a creative piece about a man’s monologue over his shadow.